Is the Islam peace or not?

Many Muslims claim that Islam is full of peace and mercy. Still, more and more Muslims choose to reach the goal of submitting the whole earth to Islam through various forms of violence. Who of them follow the true Islam?
In order to find the answer to this question, we study the most important source of inspiration for the Muslims: the Qur’an.

From early childhood, Muslims are taught that only the scholars are able to explain the Qur’an correctly. However, the interpretations of these learned men are so divers that one can come up with one or more arguments for every view point.
Is it then possible to find an answer to the question?

God has given each of us the capacity to know the difference between good and evil and between the truth and lies. On top of that, we may ask Him to reveal the truth to us. This is what I did while studying the subject.

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