Genealogies and Timelines

The timelines below are based upon the Masoretic manuscripts. There are several interpretations regarding when certain events took place. In the book Rejected and Loved the one of Ussher has been used, as verified by The timelines have been created in order to give an impression how different people relate to each other.

Timeline 1 Abraham

Timeline 2 Ishmael

Timeline 3 Jesus

In the book of Genesis many times the age of a person is given in relation to events. From these ages, one can derive when other things took place. Thus a detailed chronology of Ishmael’s life has been compiled, in relation to the patriarchs.

Chronology of the life of Ishmael

How were the different tribes and nations related to each other in Biblical times? In order to gain more insight, several genealogies are given below. Originally, these have been created for the book Rejected and Loved.

Family Tree of Abraham’s Descendants

Family Tree of Peoples from Abraham

Family Tree of Joseph and Gideon

Family Tree of King David

Family Tree of Arabs and Jesus