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Unfulfilled prophecies about the Middle East

Thousands of years ago prophets in Israel proclaimed messages of hope for the nations in the Middle East. One day many would turn to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and reconcile themselves with the Jews. See the study Prophecies Nations around Israel

With the coming of Islam it seemed the opposite happened and most Arabs turned against Jesus Christ. Could the promises still become true?

The answer is a full yes! God is using the Islamic Revolution in Iran and even the coming of the Islamic State and reveals Himself to people living in despair.

Watch the video clip here for some testimonies.

For the full movie, please go to Streams in the Desert

Who are Palestinians?

As long as I live there have been problems in the Middle East between the Jews and the Palestinians. Sometimes terrible incidents of violence make world news, but there are conflicts and tensions every day. For years I wondered if there is a solution for the problems. Of course there would be peace if allContinue Reading

What’s at the core?

I would love to summarize the content of this website in just one sentence, but don’t know how. In short, the core of what I found in the Bible is the following: God deeply loves Ishmael and his descendants, even though He chose another nation through whom the Savior of the world was to beContinue Reading

Dreams and Visions

June 9th, 2015 This week I was asked in a radio interview whether it is possible for an IS fighter to come to faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior through dreams. The background was the story of a man who had killed Christians and experienced several times that Jesus appeared to him in aContinue Reading

Which desert will blossom like a rose?

Which desert will blossom like a rose? The prophet Isaiah foretold that the desert will blossom like a rose (Isaiah 35:1). Who has not heard he explanation that this promise is now being fulfilled in Israel? Thereby people refer to the oases that have been created in places such as the Negev desert. When oneContinue Reading

Jordanian pilot burned alive

What made the Islamic State decide to burn the Jordanian pilot alive at the beginning of 2015? Does this have to do anything with Islam or are these extremist gone totally wild? Discover the answer in the Overvew of violence in Early Islam. See Overview-Violence-in-Early-Islam

The Islamic State in light of history and the Bible

Shocking images of beheadings and heart wrenching stories of Christians and others who are forced at gunpoint to choose between becoming a Muslim or be killed, cut deep into the hearts of many. Even al-Qaeda leaders have distanced themselves from the Sunni group who have proclaimed “The Islamic State” in the Middle East and areContinue Reading

Is Islam a religion of peace or not?

Who are right? Moderate Muslims who say that Islam is a peaceful religion and that it forbids terrorism or Islamists who say they’re faithful to the Qur’an when they use all kinds of violence to defend islam and spread it? The authors of the book Between Naivety and Hostility have tried to give a balancedContinue Reading