The Islamic State in light of history and the Bible

Shocking images of beheadings and heart wrenching stories of Christians and others who are forced at gunpoint to choose between becoming a Muslim or be killed, cut deep into the hearts of many. Even al-Qaeda leaders have distanced themselves from the Sunni group who have proclaimed “The Islamic State” in the Middle East and are now controlling vast areas in Syria and Iraq. Still, the call of IS to leave one’s home land and help them expand the Islamic state, is answered by hundreds of youth and others in the West who join them. Also, IS seems to have no lack of funds to finance its fighters and provide them with weapons and ammunition, indicating the likelihood of big donors behind the scenes. Where will this end? Does the Bible have anything to say about this? These are the questions addressed in this article. In order to gain understanding of what is happening, we first look at what motivates the IS fighters. Full article available here

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