Is Islam a religion of peace or not?

Who are right? Moderate Muslims who say that Islam is a peaceful religion and that it forbids terrorism or Islamists who say they’re faithful to the Qur’an when they use all kinds of violence to defend islam and spread it? The authors of the book Between Naivety and Hostility have tried to give a balanced view of Islam as a religion and of the Muslims as her adherents. One person writes, “I believe that Islam has seeds of violence within its history, traditions and texts, but that it is social and political and economic realities which provide the soil for these seeds to bear fruit.” *

The person continues, “We Christians are often too quick to judge. Do we also go back to the Bible to account for the evil things that Christians do? How about secular people? I think that our human weakness is much more responsible for the things we do than the religious texts we read. Humans will latch onto any excuse to do evil things. I have met wonderful, gracious Muslims and horribly evil Christians, so how do we account for that? By blaming the religious texts that they read? I don’t think so. Humans are not robots. We ourselves are responsible for our actions and we need to be held accountable for them. That means that we certainly need to condemn acts of Islamist violence when they occur, but we also need to recognize that not all Muslims behave in the same way.” **

We cannot put everything under the same umbrella. Both exist, that is, there are Muslims who commit violence based on the Qur’an and there are Muslims who seek peace based on the Qur’an.

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* Bell, S. and Chapman, C. ed. Between Naivety and Hostility. Milton Keynes, 2011. page 140.

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