Muslims feel rejected

Many Westerners do not understand what moves Muslim extremists to give their lives in a suicide mission. How can someone want to end his dear life like that?
If we want to understand these mostly young men better, we have to put ourselves in their shoes. Let’s try to look at the history of the past 1400 years through their eyes.

In the first two centuries after the birth of Islam, its followers rapidly spread the religion, even as far as Morocco and India. In Europe they encountered resistance and were eventually pushed back. This was a major defeat for those who had the task to submit the whole world to Islam. This was followed by the Crusades, when Western Christians tried to gain control over territory in the Middle East. A few centuries after they had withdrawn, the Westerners returned to the east and colonized many Muslim nations.
This was a great humiliation for the Arab governments and gave the Muslims a deep sense of shame.
Where was God? How were they going to fulfill the command to establish Islam in the whole world?

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