The true believers

Who are the true believers among the Muslims and Christians?

Opinions vary as to what Muslims and Christians believe and what kind of people they are.

Muslims in the Middle East are being taught that Christians are lewd people, with loose morals and little respect for God and the prophets. They have even changed their holy Book. This view is reinforced through the Western movies and fashion style and the general absence of faith in the public sphere.

Christians, on the other hand, often see images of violence committed in the name of Islam by people who claim to adhere to the Quran in a pure way. Based on the media reports, they conclude that every Muslim is a potential terrorist. 

Humanists tend to consider both Muslims and Christians blinded by the doctrines of the book they claim to follow and narrow minded in the area of human rights, such as gender ideology and sexual orientation.

There are many different expressions among the adherents of both faiths. Who may be considered true believers. Continue reading in True Believers

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