Peace between Hamas and Israel?

From a Palestinian brother in Gaza:

To the free people of the world…

To every living conscience in our world…

You who love peace… and work hard to achieve it in this world.

Oh, our brothers and sisters and loved ones in this world, we represent the vast majority. We love peace and wish for it for ourselves and for others, as peace cannot be achieved unless everyone enjoys it….

  • On the basis that we are in this world to rebuild it and support its prosperity…
  • Based on the fact that international peace and security is the ultimate goal of all countries of the world.
  • Based on the basic principles in the basic law of the constitution within every state (life is a right for everyone).
  • Because everyone rejects violence, bloodshed, wars and destruction.

For all of the above, we will see that everyone has fallen into confusion and ambiguity that overwhelms every event whose truth we want to know.

This ambiguity is the result of an actor who works to deceive some evil ideas in order to hide principles and facts. All free people in the world are searching for these principles and facts, so that international security is achieved and everyone enjoys spiritual peace.

Unfortunately, those who hide these facts, organized groups that operate very efficiently, have means that enable them to remain at the forefront of power.

Therefore, we ask you, we seek your help, to open your hands to us and hold on with all your strength so that we can achieve peace, and end a time that has sickened the world due to wars and destruction.


We must differentiate between four categories in this bloody conflict.

The first category: the extreme right in the Israeli government.

The second category: the extreme right in power in Gaza.

The third category: the people of Israel.

The fourth category: The people of Palestine.


We note that: –

  • The first and second categories are incompatible, so they will not meet….
  • The whole world is under the grip of these two groups, and this is what makes the world sick.

The fundamental question here: Does the first category represent the third category and does the second category represent the fourth category?

Recently, the Israeli right broke the largest number in the re-elections in a short period, knowing that its party is very experienced in attracting electoral votes.

The right-wing government in Gaza has not held elections for seventeen years.

This leads to the conclusion that the two peoples are not satisfied with the governments to the required extent. Since these two are the ones who make the decision for peace and the decision for war, the two peoples are victims of this intransigence and lack of flexibility in dealing with the other.

Here lies the problem. Here is the disease that has afflicted the world.

Let us look at the Palestinian and Israeli peoples until the ideal solution becomes clear.


The people of Israel love the people of Palestine, and the people of Palestine also love the people of Israel.

The factors that bind them are much greater than the factors that separate them, but those who make decisions only show the bad side and present it to the other side.

  The Israeli and Palestinian peoples have affection between them, and there are permanent contacts between members of the two peoples. Even in the midst of war, communication takes place and each individual invites the other according to his belief.

A working and business management relationship links the two peoples, with approximately 200,000 people having a close working relationship.


The Palestinian and Israeli peoples both consider each other neighbors with whom they share the four seasons of the year, and I mean how beautiful things are between the two peoples. Not only the geographical bond.

There is a kinship bond by which all members of the two peoples yearn for each other.

There are close ideological ties between the two peoples.

There are very many connections, even for those with spiritual inclinations. They adore this land, not because the Jewish law says it is the promised land, nor because Islamic law says it is the land of the Night Journey of Muhammad … These are there, but there is more. Rather, they adore everything in it: a moderate climate, the vegetables, trees, mountains, and plateaus and the valleys and plains, and the sea… because it is a promised land, for both the Israelites and the Ishmaelites. All of this connects them and more.


A blood bond and genealogy: There is a strong bond of kinship lineage through which each of the two peoples yearns for the other. If the first people are from the sons of Ishmael, then the second people are from the sons of Jacob. They are fathers, brothers, …

All of this binds them, and does not separate them. It is now time to say “enough is enough” to those who trade these unjust and dark events on innocent people, and innocent people only, for their blood and souls are precious to the heart of every free person whose conscience is alive in this world.


No one will eliminate the other, and no one will enjoy peace and security without the other.

Therefore, the common factors are what help us overcome, not the other way around. In the way of wisdom, we must collect the things that will help them and not collect the stumbling blocks they face.

The instability of this world is due in a very strong way to the instability of the region.

We were all created to sustain it. The natural and industrial disasters that occur are enough. The world must stand together and be united and tough to see that these two peoples find peace and security. Every country has begun to enjoy its development in all fields and is distracted from wars by economic plans and keeping up with development. It is time to say enough is enough to those who wage war.


I regret to say that the solution for these two peoples has always faltered, for various reasons that cannot be mentioned. But whoever was supervising that solution was also part of its failure. I regret this, but let us learn from the mistakes of the past to build the present…  The solution equation is very complex, but simple if we deal with it wisely.

Solutions exist. We must only hear from those with wisdom, not from the proponents of war and evil. I am confident that the solution we have available is capable of solving the Palestinians and the Israelis as well.

I ask everyone who is able, to give us space to find a lasting solution.

It will guarantee international stability and success.