On this page you can find several illustration from the book Rejected and Loved, such as the five Family Trees and the three Timelines. There are also other things, such as the poem of DaCosta

Family trees

How were the different tribes and nations related to each other in Biblical times? In order to gain more insight, several genealogies are given below. These have originally been made for the book Rejected and Loved.


The timelines below are based upon the Masoretic manuscripts. There are several interpretations regarding when certain events took place.

In the book Rejected and Loved the one of Ussher has been used, as verified by creation.com. The timelines have been created in order to give an impression how different people relate to each other.


poem Isaac DaCosta

The Jewish Isaac Da Costa (1798-1860) lived in Amsterdam and worked as a poet and writer. In 1847 he wrote a moving poem about Hagar and Ishmael. In a deep way he communicated the hope he had for the descendants of Ishmael in the widest sense. One day they will be free and will voluntarily submit to the descendants of Sarah’s only son Isaac. What a day that will be! Parts of the Dutch poem have been translated into English and published by Samuel Zwemer in several of his books. They are available here in PDF:  Poem DaCosta

Chronological overview of the life of Ishmael

How old was Ishmael when Sarah died? When did Esau marry the daughter of Ishmael?

In the book of Genesis many times the age of a person is given in relation to events. From these ages, one can derive when other things took place. Thus a detailed chronology of Ishmael’s life has been compiled, in relation to the patriarchs.

The full overview: Chronology life of Ishmael