Six tips ... to love your muslim neighbor

Here are several simple ways in which you can approach the Islamic descendants of Ishmael and other Muslims in a positive way. Even if you have nothing to do with them, you can begin to love them as yourself.

  1. Bless them. Speak a blessing over Muslims, for instance when they appear in the media or when you pass a mosque or a group of people on the street. Speak about them to others in a way that is upbuilding, rather than judgmental (Matthew 5:44).
  2. Greet them. For instance, when you meet them in the street, the shop or op public transport. Give them a friendly smile (Matthew 5:46-47).
  3. Help them. For instance, teach them your language or assist them in shopping or in filling out forms (Hebrews 13:16).
  4. Tell them about God’s love. You can do that in words (John 10:16) and in deeds (Matthew 5:16). For instance, you can invite them for tea or for a meal or send them a postcard with an encouraging text (or Bible verse) or say to them, ‘God loves you.’
  5. Pray for them. For instance, ask them, ‘What can I pray for?’ Later you can ask how they are doing (Matthew 5:44).
  6. Go to them. For instance, go on holiday to their country and pray for them there and start little conversations with the hotel employees, the shop owners and tour guides you meet (Matthew 28:19)

Download these tips as a pdf:  Tips Loving Muslims

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