God’s plan with the Middle East

The Bible contains remarkable promises about the nations surrounding Israel. In addition, Paul quotes striking texts about a people that at the same time is not a people. They will make Israel jealous! And God will reveal himself to those who do not seek Him. Many Muslims are having dreams of Jesus while they seek Allah. This is precisely because Jesus is the One who makes the Father known (Matthew 11:27, John 14:7,9). In this way a great harvest is growing!

Yet, we learn from the parable of the good seed and the tares, that evil also grows in the world. The Greek word translated tares literally means “false grain.” Darnel is such a false grain. It looks like real grain, but is very harmful for people. What a remarkable parallel between the good seed (the Word of God) and the false teachings about Jesus in Islam.

The parable confirms that there will be a great harvest among the Arabs in the Middle East, even though some of them will do much harm on the basis of false teachings. Let us not give up doing good, for in due season we will reap (Galatians 6:9).